I’m Steph Bridgeman, owner of GHT UK Ltd, a company specialising in media analysis consultancy.  Call me on 07907 180 900 / 01706 218 174 if you want to know more about what we do. Or connect on Twitter @stephbridgeman


Supported by my team of freelance media analysts, I work with leading players in the media evaluation industry to fulfil media analysis assignments.   I also provide consultancy to in house media relations departments and PR / marketing agencies to educate and advise on best practice techniques in the evaluation industry.

As an independent professional, supported by a large team, I can help clients organise, manage and analyse large volumes of data, be it press cuttings, social media mentions or other forms of media data.   I can help cobble together the disparate information from your various media insights providers and provide you with narrative to accompany the numbers.  I’m not scared of dashboards and charts, but I know from experience that many in the PR profession are.  Don’t be scared.  Sometimes it takes just a little tweak to a cuttings list or excel spreadsheet to help you unlock those media insights which have been just below your radar all along!

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